Rules and Regulations

(1) The playing court is a rectangle measuring 33’x66′(10.058mtrs x20.117 mtrs x 0.75mtrs)surrounding by a cord and free zone, which is minimum of 2m wide on all sides.
(2) Centre-Line: The axis of the centre line devides the playing court into two equal courts measuring33x33feet each.
(3) Netman-line:On each court a netman line, whose rear edge is drawn 11 feet and 22 feet back from the axis of the netman line.
(4) Service Zone: The service zone is the 8×8 feet wide area behind the end line.
(5) Height of the Net: Placed vertically over the centre line there is a net whose top is set at the height of 8.1 feet for men and 7.8 feet for women and sub-junior. Its height is measured from the centre of the playing court. The net height (over the two sidelines) must be exactly the same.
(6) Poles: The poles supporting the net are placed at a distance of 6″ outside the sidelines high and preferably adjustable.
(7) Ball: The ball shall be made of a soft leather with a bladder inside made of rubber or a similar material. Its circumference is 55cm and its weight will be as under:
Men: 320 grams (plus/minus 10 grams) ; Women: 270 grams (plus/minus 10 grams)
Its inside pressure shall be as under: Men: 24 pounds(p/m-one pound) ; Women: 20 pounds
(8) Team: A team may consist of a minimum of 12 players, one coach, one manager and one doctor (physician).
(9) To win a set: A set (except the deciding 5th set) is won by the team which first scores 21 points with a minimum lead of two points. In the case of a 20-20 tie, play is continued until a two-point lead is achieved (23-21;24-22) but upto 24-24. After 24-24 lead by one point either of the team will end the match such as 25-24. Team win a rally, gain a point and service.
(10) The Toss: Before the match, the referee carries out a toss to decide upon the first service and the sides of the court in the first set. The toss is to be taken in the presence of the two team captains and not by players of the team. The winner of the toss chooses: (i) The right to serve or to receive the service (ii) The side of the court, the loser takes the remaining choice.

(11) Substitution of Players : Only two substitution is the maximum permitted per team per set. one or more players may be substitute at the same time.

(12)Ball Right or Out : The ball is right when it touches the floor of the playing court including the boundary lines.

(13) Service : The service is the act of putting the ball into play from the service zone. The first service of the first set as well as that of the deciding set is executed by the team determined by the toss. The other set will be started with the service of the team that did not serve first in the previous set means the service area remain the same.

(14) Time out and Technical Time out: Only two time out per team per set may be requested and all time outs last for two minutes. In the deciding set Technical Time out are applied automatically when the leading team reaches the 8th point and change the court.

(15) Misconduct and its Sanctions : (a) Warning – Minor misconduct offence is not subject to a sanction. It is the referee duty to prevent the teams from approaching the sanction level. It should be recorded at the score sheet.      (b) Penalty : A first rude conduct in the match by any team member is penalized with loss of service (Yellow Card) (c)Expulsion : A team member who is sanctioned by expulsion shall not play the rest set/match.(Blue Card) (d) Disqualification : A team member who is sanctioned by disqualification must leave the match control area.(Red Card)